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+ Hello, my name is Miss Tina, your Panty Princess!

A little about me...


Just a tender young twenty-something, I'm a petite cutie with soft white skin, perky small 34 B titties with pink nipples, a gorgeous tight slit, and a perfect big round ass. I'm a flirtatious, down-to-Earth, sort of nerdy, sort of silly, but ALWAYS SEXY kind of girl.


I live in weird, wild Austin, Texas and I'm a cocktail server at a super busy crazy, fun nightclub here in town. I'm a fun party animal with an intense wild side and naughty flair. I am a full-fledged PANTY ADDICT! Wearing and selling my dirty panties is my kinky outlet and I'm happy to share it with you horny guys, pervs are welcome here! Browse my site and enjoy!

+ Get in my panties!                                                                 + Start shopping for panties now +

Have and hold a pair of my dirty panties for yourself to enjoy. Smell em, lick em, taste em, wear em, whatever gets you off gets me off! I'm naturally really wet all the time and my panties get damp , sweaty, creamy and caked on especially after I touch myself and cum in them. My scent is strong but not too musky, I smell fresh, natural and sweet like honey. My selection is gigantic, I have every style of panty and material you could ask for and I love special requests too! I want to please you so let me know what you're looking for and I'll try my best to make your wish come true. E-mail me at MissTinasPanties@gmail.com!

Current Panty Queue: 10 Days. Order now to secure your place in line, let's chat!

+  Miss Tina's Panty News, Musings and Updates  +


Apr 23 2014: 

Under Construction

Maybe you've noticed my website is having problems. Be patient while I attempt to fix it
Anyone want to trade me a website for panties? Joking joking! ;) XOXO

Spoil your panty princess!

Don't forget that you can spoil me anytime you like, I'll return the favor with some luscious pics and vids depending on how special you make me feel ;)

Mar 17 2014:
SXSW is finally OVER!

Some of you who have known me for a while understand what a hard week this is for me. I'm recovering from being sick and so super tired. Back to normal really soon, thanks for your patience :)

Mar 17 2014:
Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Drink an irish Car Bomb and a green beer for me while I'm resting up, Erin Go Bragh!

Feb 15 2014:
Spring is in the Air!

Who is ready for workout and bike riding panties! Extra sweaty and ripe with my all natural fresh juicy succulence ;)

Feb 1 2014:
Happy Valentines Day!

You know I love to be spoiled and I can be so sweet with my pics and videos when I get gifts ;)
Make sure you check out my wishlist for ideas!


Jan 5 2014:
New Victoria's Secret Panties are here!

Choose from assorted new thongs, boy-shorts and full-backs from your favorite panty designer--get 'em before they're gone!

Jan 5 2014:
HOT New Garters Coming Soon!

Be patient while I get my lingerie all together, I'll post them soon :)

Dec 17th 2013: Happy Holidays!

You stuff your stocking, I'll stuff something else ;)
Buy me presents and I'll be your naughty girl and give you something nice in return!

Dec 1st 2014: Vacation Sale!

SOLD! Deals like don't come around often so act fast next time!

 Nov 12th 2013:
 Happy Fall Lovers!

 Time to cozy up with my red  wine, a sexy pair of panties, my  favorite toy and play for you!  You don't want to miss out on  this action.

Nov 12th 2013:
New Video: SerpenTina

Its been a while since I unveiled a new masterpiece, I give you: SerpenTina! Gritty and dark but raw and passionate, this will be your new favorite :) See Vids...

Oct 16th 2013:
Happy Halloween!

As some of you know Halloween is my favorite holiday! If you love it too you must check out my buy 2: Get 1 Free Costume Pic/Vid sets
I'm looking for ideas for this year, if you have a suggestion e-mail me and let's get freaky :) misstinaspanties@gmail.com

Aug 14th 2013:
New Panties Galore!

Just like I promised- so many new panties to chose from, more than 200 pairs, happy shopping!

Aug 14th 2013:
Lingerie too :)

Go browse my new layout and find a few new bras, teddies, and sets- yumm!!

Aug 5th 2013: 

I've been shopping!

New Victoria's Secret panties cummed in soon ;)

Aug 5th 2013:

...and more!

And expect to see some new sexy lingerie too!

July 23rd 2013:

Miss me yet?

I'm off getting in touch with nature, don't miss me too hard while I'm gone. Home in a week, see you then :)

July 18th 2013:

That time again- Pick my Thong!


I'm hitting the road for a mini camping road trip and one lucky fella is cumming too! 
Better luck next time guys!  XOXO Tina

July 4th 2013: 

Happy Birthday America!

Hey y'all! Hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day! I'm going to down some burgers and brisket and play with fireworks- fun!
My panty queue is empty so cum and get me!

June 28th 2013: 

Good As New!

I'm back and all better! I got hit by a car on my bicycle a few weeks ago and suffered some bruised ribs and a nasty little concussion, oh no! But after a break that felt like an eternity, I'm all better and back in business! Let's play!

May 3rd 2013:

I'm a Verified PantyGirl!

Make sure to check out my ever growing Verify Me! project and see for yourself how much fun guys (and wifey!) are having with my panties!

May 1st 2013:

Read my Interview by the Beautiful and Brainy Amber!

Starting out and need some advice? Listen and learn a little about my experiences with those corporate sites, my least favorite and most beloved parts of being a pantygirl ;) Read all about it.

Apr. 13th 2013: 

Tina International!

I am a little vicious animal! 
My interview has been translated into Russian for the online magazine Sexual&Brutal -so cool!
The translation back to English is pretty darn funny- check it out HERE!

Apr. 13th 2013: 

Video Vixen!

Rub-a-dub- Tina in the tub!
Watch me get clean then get dirty in a sudsy shower :)
Introducing: My Pre-made Pic-Sets and Videos are now hereby 
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! Enjoy my sweeties!

Mar. 24th 2013: 

Photo Makeover!

Lights, Camera, Action!
I scored myself a new fancy camera with a flip-out-viewfinder thingy and remote control! Get ready for some spectacular new pics of my lil dum-dum butt :)

Mar. 24th 2013: 

Panty Jackpot!

I think I've finally gone over the deep end of my panty obsession! 
I have so freakin' many NEW PANTIES posted today (80 of 'em!) that I'm just full of excitement- 
I can't wait to share them with your filthy faces! Get some for yourself dirty boys!

Mar. 1st 2013: 

New Panties Posted!

Take a look around and see lots of new thongs, boy-shorts, and panties for sale! And more later!
I even trudged through my personal panty drawer and found my oldest, stained, worn-out thongs to sell- scrundies! Mmmm!

Mar. 2nd 2013: 

March Madness!

March is crazy for me! The annual shitshow SXSW hits Austin and I basically LIVE at work those 2 weeks. My panties get worked to the bone! If you are lucky enough to catch a pair during that time you will see what I mean!
Oh yeah... Kiss me I'm Irish ;)


Feb. 24th 2013: 

Now Accepting GiftRocket Payments!

This is the best gift site on the planet, my new favorite! It's very private and discrete, just send me a gift card to "anywhere" and I can spend it literally anywhere I like- voila! 
There is a small fee to use it but anyone sending me GiftRocket payments gets 5 FREE PICS, sound awesome? Let's play! 


Feb. 24th 2013: 

New Panties Cumming Soon!

I know what you like- panties!
I did some sexy secret panty shopping so get ready to see some new styles next week- yay!


Feb. 20th 2013: 


My panties are Published!

I'm featured in an interview called Storytime With... A Craigslist Underwear Vendor on Nerve.com and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you! Read about how I got my start and connect with you beloved buyers through our love of dirty panties!


Feb. 21st 2013: 

Sexy new bras for sale!

Go have a look at all my scrumptious old bras for sale here...


Feb. 13th 2013: 

Home Sweet Home!

With some extra sexy tan lines to show for it! 
Buy my beach bikini! 
$50 includes my yellow and black bikini, a 45 pic-set and some sand from the beach I went to ;) It smells like a beach, tanning oil and Tina's pleasure- I made sure to cum in it just today!
If you miss the bikini- get the 45 Beach Bunny pics listed with my Pic Sets and Videos...
E-mail me!  misstinaspanties@gmail.com


Feb. 14th 2013: 

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!

Thanks for all the sweet Valentine's wishes and gifts- I feel like a queen!
All of you sexy guys out there that continue to spoil me and treat me so nice make me so thankful and just plain horny! Keep it up fellas XOXO


Feb. 1st 2013: 

Will you be my Valentine?

Feb 14th is coming up...
No gift is too small to make me feel like a princess :)


Feb. 1st 2013: 

Tina's taking a short vacay!

Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone- but don't worry! I'll be back in time for Valentine's Day ;)

Jan. 19th 2013: 

Get a Free Video or Panty if you Verify Me!

For a limited time- all current and past panty orders are eligible- 
Buy my panties, send me a pic of yourself enjoying it for my site, get awesome freebies!

Jan. 14th 2013: 

Follow me on Twitter!

Finally you can see pics and updates from me all the time! I promise to become addicted and post for you as much as you can stand :)

Jan. 6th 2013: 

Four foxy new Photo-Sets and Videos!

It's a jungle in here, Miss Tina's Panties is going wild with new pic sets and videos! ;)
Enjoy my new Beautiful Boobies pic set,
My humongous new Pedicure Fetish picture gallery,
A super sexy Buzzing Blue Vibe pic/video combo,
and my elegant, creamy Sugar Mamma video!
Always my pleasure for you, RAWR!

Jan. 14th 2013: 

Tina's on Tumblr too!

Miss Tina's Dirty Wet Panty Blog. I'm not awesome at blogging but you might find some hot pics and specials up there too! 

Jan. 6th 2013: 

Animal prints and thigh-highs!

Check out my new RAWR! animal print full-backs...
And some sexy fishnet or regular thigh-high stockings...

Jan. 1st 2013: 

Happy New Year!

Another fabulous year of panties, pic-ies, videos and so much more! 
Looking forward to 2013 being my best year ever all thanks to you horny sugar daddies, keeping me busy! Big kisses to all of you :)
Check out my new Wild Side page for some freakier fetish stuff...

Dec. 3rd 2012: 

Taking a lil vacation!

Don't worry I'll be squirming with excitement to get back home to my panty play next week!
New thigh-high stockings when I get back :)

Nov. 13th 2012:

Thanksgiving Special- SOLD.

For just $100 you get any sexy snug thong you like from the picture at left..
+I'll wear it for FIVE whole days of turkey eating, football, catching up with friends and fun!
+By the time I get home I'll dying for some playtime, captured in a 20 picture gallery,
+AND the turkey isn't the only thing getting stuffed! Enjoy hot panty stuffing video too.

Nov. 8th 2012: 

PeePee Pic Set Added!

Go check out my hot new PeePee-in-Pink Pic Set here...

Nov. 8th 2012: 

New Special Added!

Introducing my new Ace of Clubs Package!
Interested in getting a panty bundle over several weeks?
Details of my deals and specials here

Aug. 21st 2012: 

New Website, New Toys, Happy Tina!

My website is finally launched! I couldn't be more happy with it after learning some html and building it all by myself, do you love it!?
I also got a new vacuum sealer for the most perfectly fresh panties possible AND a new tripod for my camera for more adventurous shots!
Thanks for perving and remember to order some panties! XOXO Tina

Oct. 13th 2012: 

New Panties!

Lots of cute new thongs and lots more!
Go see my panties here...